Monday, February 1, 2016


Harry Fassl died in October of 2008. For years he worked with me on stories and chapbooks. I particularly thought he did a great job on this illustration from PAIN GRIN. Looking at some of the labels, I forgot Flexeril ever existed. And I would kill to have a metal tube of Ben-Gay.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I visited a friend of mine, Karolina Stepek, Polish writer and lady copper, at Prentiss Womens Hospital a few days back. As of right now as I type this, she is getting a bone marrow transplant thanks to a DNA match from a guy in Paris. But I have to chronicle the city when I can, whether or not I ever use the scenes in a story.

And Abe Vigoda died yesterday.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Bad Grammar Theater started up again at it's new home, Forte Framing & Gallery, just off of Western and North Avenue. Started by Brendan Detzner (the guy in the purple shirt) and hosted by Jude Mire (the guy with the beard), it was great to get back into the readings. And the bigger crowds, as well.

I had spent a few weeks putting together the contents for Crossroad Press's upcoming book of mine, RAPID TRANSIT: 30 years of short fiction and I decided to read "I Fights To The Finish", a fairly insane story from John Weagley's REVENGE OF THE RADIOACTIVE MONKEYS that came out around 2005. It was good to get the band back together.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

CHICAGO P.D.: S3E10 "Now I'm God"

I actually lucked out with my exposure on the show. The filming was done in the ballroom of the Congress Plaza. I always find the workings of whatever film or show I am in intriguing. There were 27 takes for what amounted to a two minute (if that) scene. People were moved from table to table, one time they moved a vacant chair so as to look as if someone had gone to the bathroom.

Extras always have to arrive at a certain time because you never know when the filming will start. For example, the ballroom had to be set up perfectly, cameras on the balconies, each table set with empty dinner plates and three different glasses filled with wine or water in varying amounts, as well as coffee cups. I arrived at 9AM and we did not sit down until around 4:15 PM. By the time the filming had ended, it was close to 8 PM, so I was paid overtime. 100 pizzas were delivered and the men's room was filled with men in black suits like it was a funeral for the Outfit, heads bowed down not in respect, but to make certain that, well, we just keep our heads down just because.  Let's leave it at that.

We have to bring garment bags with different colored shirt and ties. It was very cold in the waiting area and many women had low cut gowns, as we were at an awards ceremony where the guy winning the award was arrested. So I asked a few of the women if they wanted one of the two shirts I wasn't wearing and they readily accepted. A few other men saw what I had done and followed suit. We filmed this on 15NOV15 and the show aired last week (I kinda forgot to post this earlier).
I was able to get photos from one of our televisions, but thanks to Mark Braun, Mike Olson, and Sid Williams for posting shots early on.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Courtesy Will Adams, here are two photos during filming of STEP OFF THE BLOCK back in October. I am looking forward to this film and will promote it here as more information is available.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Greg Loudon took time from his busy schedule to drive her to Burbank and spend time taking photos of me that are probably better suited than my usual selfies when it comes to photos submitted when responding to a potential gig. I'm waiting to hear back from CHICAGO FIRE regarding a scene on a CTA bus that was involved in an accident.The last photo is to prove to everybody that I actually do own a cell phone, and that my knowledge of the locations of all working pay phones from here to Calumet City are just an urban legend.

Whenever I mention my gigs on the Chicago shows, I will always add that it would not have been possible if I hadn't been hired by Will Adams for his film STEP OFF THE BLOCK. Check out the Facebook page The Work of Will Adams for some of most motivational lines that anyone involved in Creative needs better than a kick in the ass.

And go on Amazon to buy a copy of Greg's sketchbook, CRUEL & UNUSUAL. He does a lot more than take photos. I'm very lucky to be surround by such good people.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I've been called back to appear as a character in a fundraising scene, some sort of cocktail party. That's my outfit, but I doubt I'll be standing around holding a rotary phone. The last time I appeared it was as a person in jeans and a sweatshirt on an el platform at Southport. These are all scenes filmed well after the main scenes. I posted a shot above of the two el cars that were used, with me and the other commuters green-screened into the background. The movie location sign is quite familiar here, you can see them every few months and you'll know it is Hollywood because the huge film trucks have MOVIES IN MOTION stamped on the sides.

Will Adams, producer at LowKey Productions is responsible for all of this good fortune. I appeared in a small newsroom scene for his upcoming film #StepOffTheBlock  #StepOffTheBlock and learned of how to get my foot in the door with CC. Will's Facebook page is The Work of Will Adams.

The episode I will be in will be a three part crossover between CHICAGO MED, CHICAGO FIRE, and CHICAGO PD, and do not have any idea of the date of airing. Here is a shot of how much acreage Chicago Cinescape purchased several years back. Of everyone I know in Creative, writers, artists, it is the filmmakers that really make me feel it. A transcendence. Knowing I'm in one scene, big or small, and after I'm gone that same guy, that same Will Adams, remains working his ass off while I'm heading home to my own vice, which is my writing.