Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I've written about the little big town of Streator several times, most recently in a novella which involves Jimmy Dvorak teaming up with Chris Lohnes to see justice done. The novella can be found in Crossroad Press's FOR YOU, THE LIVING. Here are some photos of Streator, which I took in June of 2013, the deserted Main Street, the boarded up bars. The Norfolk & Southern trains being the only real movement in town. The house where the story ended is gone, as are many homes on that block. 1112 Hall Street.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


I'll be dead honest. Past a few sketches, I haven't done a heck of a lot worth mentioning. So I offer you this baffling old data printout. Hopefully, in a few posts, you'll see something about me moving forward on a project.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


A few years back, I was using the Google machine to look up images of my books or anthologies I have been in, mostly to get ahold of an editor here and ask him where my Italian copy of SPLATTERPUNKS or the Spanish PESADILLAS EN ELM STREET (you might figure that translation out on your own). Well, I happened to see a few images of Year's Best Horror in Dutch. DAW had published 22 volumes until the last editor, Karl Edward Wagner, died. I had stories in the final ten volumes.

I wrote to the individual on his blog, his name was Kees Buis. I thought he owned a bookstore, but the books were from his private collection. So we traded, and I sent him signed copies of my novel and one of my short story collection. He still stays in touch with me, our friendship goes back about seven years, and he keeps looking for the other editions.

If you are a fellow writer and are reading this, then you know how easily we get screwed when it comes to foreign editions. I never expect money, I just want copies.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


The late Karl Edward Wagner used that term to describe his journals and so I do the same to keep his memory going. The way I lost my latest journal was pointless, and it hardly mattered because I had most pages either photocopied and/or as typed up stories, as was the case for the novella "Days of Fiction Past" and several other shorter pieces. The only thing truly lost were several pages for a story I had planned to call "Contemplated Freedom". If I end up starting that again, odds are it would be in a different stream-of-consciousness stage. Here are various photos of said commonplace book over the years, the photo of me in the Willis Tower was taken by my cousin Cindy Schwartz. When I graduated from UIC in 1982, we went down to Kentucky for Father's Day to see Granddad, and Cindy gave me a silver Cross pen. She knew I was going to be a writer.She did.

I have also used several small spiral notebooks or Moleskins, but everything gets transcribed into the commonplace book, here are examples of the other books.