Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I've been called back to appear as a character in a fundraising scene, some sort of cocktail party. That's my outfit, but I doubt I'll be standing around holding a rotary phone. The last time I appeared it was as a person in jeans and a sweatshirt on an el platform at Southport. These are all scenes filmed well after the main scenes. I posted a shot above of the two el cars that were used, with me and the other commuters green-screened into the background. The movie location sign is quite familiar here, you can see them every few months and you'll know it is Hollywood because the huge film trucks have MOVIES IN MOTION stamped on the sides.

Will Adams, producer at LowKey Productions is responsible for all of this good fortune. I appeared in a small newsroom scene for his upcoming film #StepOffTheBlock  #StepOffTheBlock and learned of how to get my foot in the door with CC. Will's Facebook page is The Work of Will Adams.

The episode I will be in will be a three part crossover between CHICAGO MED, CHICAGO FIRE, and CHICAGO PD, and do not have any idea of the date of airing. Here is a shot of how much acreage Chicago Cinescape purchased several years back. Of everyone I know in Creative, writers, artists, it is the filmmakers that really make me feel it. A transcendence. Knowing I'm in one scene, big or small, and after I'm gone that same guy, that same Will Adams, remains working his ass off while I'm heading home to my own vice, which is my writing.

Friday, October 16, 2015


I found this at a Unique Thrift Store in McKinley Park the other day. The cover was facing out and that is what intrigued me. The table of contents intrigued me more, as I had a poem in it. I know there were several books I had to find on my own in the pre-Google Machine days. I moved to Burbank in 1999, but so many publishers still had my Chicago mailing address because I had lived there for decades, I fault no one. Anyhow. Have a look:

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Last Saturday I had a bit part as a cameraman in a film by LowKey, and I ended up talking with someone who is associated with CHICAGO P.D. I was able to land a role as a commuter on the Brown Line, shooting this Saturday and then again next Tuesday. The next posting I make will include a photo of the studio space Dick Wolf Productions bought up on the near southwest side, something like 40,000 acres.

I am now also registered with CHICAGO FIRE and CHICAGO MED.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Abandoned Industry in Bedford Park

Many of you know that I have about 2000 photos on Google Earth via Panoramio. Here's a few of the most recent run-down business I could find. About two miles NE of my house.